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The Journey


The manifestation of my career, personal experiences and all that I’ve accomplished has been optimized through my Happiness Habitat. My journey has been a dynamic adventure. It hasn’t always been a straight arrow but I let my inner compass lead me in the direction of my passion. 

In my earlier years at Michigan State University I explored many aspects of my interests such as journalism, acting, and painting. After my career at Sports 1 Marketing with David Meltzer, I worked for the youngest founder of a public traded company and self-made media mogul, Dan Fleyshman. There, I learned the mechanics of social media, viral campaigns, being an angel investor, then starting my own companies. I learned to love the process in all efforts and give myself the opportunity to grow within my interests all the while contributing to those around me, as well. 

I became heavily invested in blockchain and cryptocurrency back in 2017 and built an IOS crypto emoji app (Crypto Emojis), mined bitcoin, and became Director of Operations for a blockchain company, Vezt. I was recognized as an expert in my field by Ryan Seacrest who interviewed me on KISS-FM, in order to help his listeners understand how blockchain works. 


I’ve always had a passion for creating art. After I launched my digital agency, I connected with an art gallery owner, who saw my talents beyond my digital services. I created the opportunity to be showcased at his gallery, the W Hotel Hollywood Gallery, which lead to being shown in other galleries around the world. 


The underlying theme of my successes is a result of my positive mindset, and my grateful perspective throughout my journey – in other words, my Happiness Habitat. 


This all happened before I reached the age of 25; and now I’m invited to speak on stage about happiness, mentor others, and dive even deeper into the field of the psychology of happiness, to serve those I get to connect with. 


I am absolutely in love with my environment that I've created for myself and it has lead me to the here and now – sharing it with you. I am manifesting at a pace more rapid than ever before. And I've done so by shifting my mindset, environment, and everything in between. I am one of the happiest people I know and truly enjoy all that happens through me. I am here to be a vessel for you and show you how you can manifest whatever you set your mind to.

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